Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Citizenship Package Update

Hey everyone! I am super excited to announce that the long anticipated Citizenship packages have finally been updated. These packages are very unique and they do not disappoint!

For the one month Citizenship package, you receive Fire wings, a Map playercard skin and 10,000 bugs. This package is very nice. The wings and the playercard skin just alone are valued at eight dollars, making this package an epic deal! 

The six month Citizenship package is really nice. It includes beautiful Rainbow wings and 65,000 bugs. The wings are a perfect accessory for any outfit and they move very fast! 

Finally, we have the amazing twelve month Citizenship package. This package is very unique and perfect if you enjoy collecting rare items. It includes the Medusa wings, Spray-paint magic and 150,000 bugs. 

Overall, the Citizenship packages are very nice this month! If you like any of the Citizenship packages, be sure to purchase them as soon as possible. As with all the packages, they are very limited edition. Once July ends, there will be new packages and you might not ever be able to get these exclusive items again!

Have an epic day,

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