Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Want to Join the Chobots Team ?

Heey Chobots,
After the councilor job,the staff team is searching some Premium Guru's,Staff Author and creative director.Now lets take a better look at these 3 jobs:

Premium Guru:
Is a User who keep the Daily Draw,citizenship page and $hop up to date.You need to think about new ideas and offers for the citizenship package and new items for the $hop!
Rules:You need to be active and know what you are doing,you also should be motivated to do your job.Its preferred that you some ecperience in Marketing!

Staff Author:
This is a job were you can write,its the only thing that you are doing!You also can post on the official blog !
Rules:You need to write a lot and have a high level of English writting in a short amount of time !You also should be able to co-operative with the staff team!

Creative Director:
This job is a planning job!You will be able to work with the moderators and the designer.You will be charge events,parties,contest's and the bunch.You need to look that everybody has a great time and fun as well!A lot of time you are going to spent time for planning whats going happen in the few months !
Rules:You need to be very organised,creative and ambitious.When there is a problem you need to find a solution and fix it!you should be very motivated!
ps:This is not a blogging position,most of the time you write documentation for the chobots team!

Now if you want to apply for a job then contact with your resume/application.If you make the admins laugh or something you have a better chance to make it !The chobots team really need you so lets email them:)!

I wish you good luck and thanks for reading!
Our Journalist Bebot.

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