Monday, July 8, 2013

Garbage Collector Contest!

Hello lovely readers! The Chobots world has been getting pretty smelly lately since no one has been helping clean up the garbage. Small pieces of garbage have been floating all around space. I even saw a piece land in Choproff's hair! Well, maybe you'll want to help clean up after you hear this;

That's right! Starting today, all the way until July 11th, is a fun Garbage Collector contest. That means you have plenty of time to try and get your name to the top of the leader-board. As always, players that get on the top three of the leader-board will win some epic prizes. Be sure to play fairly and never give up!

Quick Tip: When competing in gaming contests like this one, try to have a friend or someone play with you. It can get pretty boring competing all alone!

Good luck to all of the competitors and remember, it's not all about winning. Just have fun. Plus, by competing in this contest, you are sure to earn lots of bugs! :D

Good luck,

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