Thursday, August 1, 2013

Game Night winners + August items!

Heey Chobots,
last weekend we had the last Game Night in the month July.For 1 hour all contest boards were open,but only few peoples can win.Lets look who won:

Congratulation,everyone of you got a remote controller,1 week of citizenship and 10'000 Bugs.
The next Game Night will be soon,so you can take your revanche!

A new month means new events,parties and new items!
When the month begin,the staff team restock the $hop and the citizenship catalog's!
First check the membership out:

I think the designers did a great job,if you want to buy 1,6 or 12 Months just click here
The $hop also changed the stuff:

Wow nice wings!!!im sure you find something that you like,if you want to buy some items you just need to click here

Thanks for reading and lovely shopping ;)!
Our Bebot.

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