Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hide and Seek!

Update: The Chobots servers were having issues. Because of this, Hide and Seek has been postponed until further notice.  

Hey everyone! A fun thing to do when you're bored or just to do something entertaining is to play hide and seek. I always seem to hide pretty well, but seeking is not my forte! Well, the Chobots team is hosting a fun game of hide and seek for us to participate in today. 

Hide and seek will be hosted at location Eco at 8:30 pm Chobots time. There, we will wait until the moderators give us the okay to come and find them! 

Remember, some Moderators can change their shape, size and visibility! If you've searched every location in Chobots and still can not find them, be sure to check again. Moderators are quite sneaky!

Make sure to have fun and play fairly! Good luck to everyone. :D 

Have a fun day,

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