Thursday, August 8, 2013

Creative Contest !

Heey Chobots,
The staff team knows how much the users like to draw,creating new videos and writing,so the staff team host a ''Creative contest''On this contest you can show all your creativity and hard work!

what you have to do :
Create a story about something that happened in the chobots world,it doesn't need to be real.You can use your creativity and imangination and create a new story.In your story it must have a plot,character and a location!The format of your entry is not supposed

you can choose one thing/or more from the list that you like or your good at:
-You can write about your story.
-You can draw on the chobots walls or in real life etc.
-You can create a film
-You can do a comic with your story.
-You can create a scrapbook about your story
-You can show your story on TV
-You can write your story in the Chobots news paper

Here are some templates that you can use for your story:

You have 1 week (until the 14th august) to submit your entry on the official blog.
The pictures with a link and the videos with a link.Entries posted on other websites will not be counted!Comment your entry by clicking here .
I wish you good luck and cant wait to read and watch all amazing entries !

Thanks for reading,see you on chobots!
Our Bebot.

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