Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Music Jam Recap

Hey everyone! Just yesterday, the team announced they were going to host another Music Jam. There were many users all around the Chobots world playing their instrument, creating bands and even singing solo! If you missed the party, I took many pictures so you can see how it went: 

The party started at the Stage which was jam-packed.

Josh and his band had the opportunity to perform!

There was a lot of magic and effects throughout the party.

Skater did a solo on the stage!

My favorite magic during the party! I love all of the colors.

Everyone turned into hippos!

Since Juniors were feeling left out, the team moved the
party to Rockemall Street so everyone could attend!

Overall, the party was a blast! There was a bunch of magic, music and even rain! Plus, at the end, Jake randomly chose eight players and rewarded them with items that are in the coming soon catalog!

If you missed this party, there will be many more in the future. :D 

Have an epic week,

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