Sunday, August 4, 2013

Space racer winners + Trees Day!

Heey guys,
Last week the staff team held a space racer contest,after intense playing we found 3 winners.
It was quite close between the winners,here are they:
First place: Grace,she got the first place medal,7 Days of citizenship and 10'000 Bugs

Second place: Adventurous,she got the second place medal,5 Days of citizenship and 7000 Bugs
Third place: L3ullet,he got the third palce medal,3 Days of citizenship and 5000 Bugs

Well done,all of you did a great job,if you didn't made it this time,never mind.Space racer contest are coming all months ;)

A contest ends a new begin!Ya Julia is holding a new kind of a contest.This time you need to work in a team.In this contest you need to hold the trees blue for 2 two hours.You only have 24 hours to complete this task,if you fail you have a chance one day!You see this contest needs a lot of teamwork!The team,who won get a prize ( All of the group get the prize )

I wish you a good co-operative day on chobots and good luck !
Thanks for reading,see you on chobots.
Our Bebot.

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