Thursday, May 30, 2013

The News Day 36 !

Heey Chobots,
Long time i didn't post a The News Day post.That because i was very busy this month.In this month i was 2 weeks in the Holiday.we also got a new author Grace,she posted the latest news!
The Month may is come to an end soon and thats because i post the last The News Day post in this month.The month june is coming soon and that means we will get new citizenship items,new partys,new Journalist's and other cool events.But we have a last event in this month and that is the Beach Party ! Tomorrow we are having the last party int his month in the beach ! Last year we was in the beach and i think this year we are turning back there !

 Im sure the Chobots team will post it later on the Main Blog,so keep your eyes open !

In this short week we got some staff updates.Lets look at them:
Im sure all of you know who Curiosity is.She's very nice and the most active moderator that i know.She got a name change !Her new name is Alyssa !

Tomorrow i was shocked when i saw that jake got de-moded.
im not sure why he's de-moded but i think it has reason.

Josh the Agent is also de-agent.
Im not sure why he's de-agent.

Today we had a little problem in chobots.Im sure you noticed that ypôu can't talk.
When you try to write something and you click enter it show that mail:

Service call error !
At the moment the problem is fixed !

So lets come to the last theme.Im sure every reader noticed that my blog got a update.
We have a new Header and a new Template !It was not easy to make this header but i think i did a good job :) i Hope you like the new header :)

Thanks for reading,see you on the beach party !
Our Journalist Bebot.

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