Thursday, May 2, 2013

Game Night + New Coming soon Items

Heey Chobots Bebot here,
Right Bebot here not flapiefeet :D Im still in the holiday but i found some time to post :)
I see that Flapie informed you very well about the latest news round about chobots.
Now i have some time to post so lets go.After a month the Game Night is back again.
We are gonna start the first Game Night in this month In 2 Days Saturday the 4th of May at 11:30Pm Cho-Time at the Academy street ! The rules are the same like before you have to play a game for a random time (Most time its only 2 hours ) You need to be the first in the game to win a Game Controller,Citizenship and Bugs. If you don't want to participate then you can come online and joining the party. The Moderators and some Agents are looking throw all the games,so no one can cheat! I wish you good luck,I don't participate because im in the holiday and i haven't time to come online i already have the Game controller.Please don't cheat!

There are also new Items in the Coming soon Catalog.
2 New wings joined the chobots world.
They are looking awesome.At the Moment there are only wings in the coming soon Catalog.
Lets check them now:

I don't know who designed these wings but they are awesome.
Keep up the good work.

 i hope you had fun and know the latest news round about chobots.
Im going to chill out now in the hotel and see ya.
Flapiefeet is here for you and post the latest news round about chobots.
Thanks for reading.
Our Journalist Bebot.

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