Friday, May 17, 2013

Game Night!

Hi everyone!  It seems like the month of May is flying by, because it has already been two weeks since the last Game Night!  For Game Night, you get the chance to compete in all of the games around Chobots.  

On Saturday, May 18th at 8:15 pm Cho-time, all of the games boards will be open for one hour for players to compete.  If you do not want to compete in any of the games, the Moderators will also be throwing a party at the Mission Agency as well. 

If you catch someone cheating, take a picture and send it to  If the person was actually cheating and you caught them, you will be given 5000 bugs as a reward.

Winners of Game Night win a Game Controller, Bugs, and Citizenship.

Remember to have fun and have proper sportsmanship! :D


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