Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Game Night Winners!

Hi everyone!  I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend.  My favorite activity was Game Night! :D  There was a fun party, and of course, all of the games were open for everyone to compete in.  The next game night will be in a couple of weeks, so be sure to practice your favorite game!  The winners are:

  • Asteroid: Jayoo
  • ChoBoard: Sylva
  • Pinball: Grace
  • Mechanical Crab: Santos
  • Robot Factory: Alexa
  • Sweet Battle: Godlight
  • Palm Painting: Nightboyz125
  • Chobots Racer: Feryat
  • Garbage Collector: Harrythebest
  • Space Racer: Godfire
  • Tug O' War: Emperor 
  • Sliders: Bright
  • Checkers: Brax2
  • Chess: Paloma
  • Cow Mission: Bacachoo
  • Coin Rain: Julieh

All of the winners will receive a Game Remote, 10 days of Citizenship, and 10,000 bugs!  

Remember, if you didn't win this time, you have to keep trying! Also, I used to think the game I was best at was Mechanical Crab.  Well, I tried Pinball last time, and I ended up really liking it.  This time, I was able to win Pinball!  You have to try different games each time to find the one that you like the best.  I had been trying since January, and I finally won a Game Controller! :D  So, never give up!


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