Sunday, May 5, 2013

Farming Contest and Game Night Winners!

Hi everyone!  What an exciting weekend we've had.  On Saturday there was Game Night, today is Cinco De Mayo, and there  is a Farming Contest going on!

You have until May 8th to compete and try to feed Daisy as much as you can.  Winners will receive some fun prizes.  Good luck to everyone, and remember it's not about winning.  :)

Besides the Farming Contest, I'm sure all of you are aware that today is the Cinco De Mayo Party.  It will be held in Shop Square at 10:30 Cho-time.  

Now, to announce the winners of Game Night!
  • Sweet Battle: Godfire
  • Asteroids: Jetsreams
  • Choboard: Ember
  • Pinball: Alert
  • Mechanical Crab: Santos
  • Robot Battle: Lakshay1520
  • Space Racing: Mike10077
  • Garbage Collector: Chemical
  • Tug Of War: Krayfodamsevani
  • Coins Rain: Godfire
  • Palm Painting: Stardom
  • Checkers: Voidz
  • Chess: Art
  • Sliders: Fufflet 
  • Racer Game: Jonas
  • Chopix Quest: Funnyguy2

Good job to all of the winners!  As prizes you will win a Game Controller Hand item, Bugs, and Citizenship!  If you didn't win this time, there's always next Game Night.  :)

-Flapie Feet

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