Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Citizenship Items and Another Exciting Announcement!

Hi everyone!  I hope you are enjoying May so far!  Well, as you all are aware of, every month the team updates Citizenship and the $hop items.  Check out the new Citizen packages:

One month is really cute.  It includes a Pirate Costume and a pretty Treasure Map Playercard skin!

6 month is very Summer-ish!  It includes a Cheetah Print Playercard skin, a Tree Playercard skin, Coconut Magic, and a Chat bubble!

12 month is the best one yet!  It includes a Space playercard skin, a Green playercard skin, three different types of Jetpacks, a Camo Suit, the Black chat bubble, and a Paw Print chat bubble!  

Besides the amazing Citizenship, there is also another special announcement.  

I'm sure all of you remember, Star, the designer.  Well, awhile back he had decided to leave the team.  Today though, he has come back!

If you see Star online, be sure to give him a warm welcome back! 

-Flapie Feet

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