Sunday, May 5, 2013

Latest News !

Heey Guys Bebot here,
I dont have so much to report because Flapiefeet keep you up to date so.Im so glad that she is working for me,but i also miss posting here so i serached new updates round about chobots and i found some cool things.
The Coming soon Catalog in the Citizenship HQ got a great update.There are cool wings there now.
Ps: The same Wings are in the market,the Chobots team put them on there.To see the wings in the market click here

Not only the coming soon catalog changed no,The catalog in the shop changed too.
There are new Backgrounds for cinco de mayo and other cool backgrounds.
The Cinco de Mayo background are for the citizens !
You can change the colour in every background out of the cinco the maya.
Something other changed in the chobots town out of the catalogs.
Twinklefairyx changed her name to Maya !

So if you see a girl called maya its Twinklefairyx not a new moderator :D

So that was it from my side,Flapiefeet is already working here and give you the latest news ;)
She is also looking for taking photos of the cinco de maya party so im sure she will post some pictures here too,So check the blog for more infos !
Thanks for reading,see ya on chobots
Our Journalist Bebot.


  1. Koiz isn't Maya. Koiz's name is still Koiz. Maya is Twinklefairyx. Maya was dressing up as Koiz. c:


  2. Yes thanks i found the mistake,i really tought it was koiz but i changed it to Twinklefairyx :) Please forgive me