Monday, April 22, 2013

The News Day 35 !

Heey Chobots,
A long time ago i didn't post a The News Day post.Today i have many themes.
Lets check them:
-Earth Day Party
-Fashion weekend
-Agent poll
Jake and the Moderators are hosting a Earth Day party today! For this event you should dress your chobot in green with an animal mask ! Meet us in the Eco shop at 9Pm Cho-time tonight!
I can't join the party because im very busy,but im sure the staff team is taking photos so i can use these and post it here.

Designed by: Swifter
The next theme is the fashion week.
Im sure you all saw the events of april.
And this week the fashion week started.
From today the 22th to Friday the 26th.
Now look how you should dress up your chobot in each days:
                                                       Day #1 (Monday): Animal/Green Theme
                                                       Day #2 (Tuesday): Black and White
                                                       Day #3 (Wednesday):  Opposite Genders
                                                       Day #4 (Thursday): Blast from the Past
                                                       Day #5 (Friday): Your Signature Style
                                                       Day #6 (Saturday): Futuristic
I think thats a great idea,because everyone has a chance to win !And its time to be creative :D. At the end of the fashion week the winners will be announced and the winners will get rare fashion week prizes !So the Day 1 started today an the theme is Animal and green,the moderators will judge the winners of day 1 today ta the party.Good luck :)

The last theme is the Agent poll.
This weekend many users chose the futured agents.
And the winners who are in the poll's are 

You can vote our agent by clicking here i wish you good luck.

That was it from the News Day 35! I hope you had fun to read and have fun on the Party.See you around chobots 
Our Journalist Bebot

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