Friday, April 26, 2013

Chobots Market !

Heey Guys Bebot here,
Do you remember the Auction House ? It was a page where Mods posted some cool and rare items.
You had to bid Bugs and after Few Hours or Days,if you bid the most bugs you got the item.
Now the Chobots Team had a great idea,now its your time to post cool items on the new Chobots Market page.And other Chobots market users can bid for your item!

How to post items on the page :
First one i wnat to say that you cant post every item on cannot put Citizenship,Premium Shop,contest or Agent stuff.If you follow this rules then its not to hard to put items on the page.

Okay first one you need to select clothes.If you think you have a good item that you didn't need or use then put it into the left trash can.Like Here

Then you come into the Chobots Market page and you can write how much it should costs.
You also can change the date,how long it should be on the page and the others can bid.
After clicking ''Create my Auction'' your item is in the page.All users can see your item and can bid for it.You also can bid for other items You only need to add funds by clicking here
Now you can select how much bugs you want to put into your auction account attention for auction money you need bugs and your chobots money will be on the auction bank !
Now i wish you good luck i also but some cool items there.
If you are searching green bows or a red bandana then you can bid on my auction :)
Thanks for reading,see you around chobots !
Our Journalist Bebot.

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