Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fashion Party !

Heey Chobots,
Did you had a great fashion week ? Today we celebrate the last day of the fashion week.
The theme of today is Futuristic !Curiocity is hosting a fashion party tomorrow because the fashion week ends today.So the Chobots Team created a new room.i saw this room before and i think you saw it too.Its the Disco Lounge.Yes the Disco Lounge is back with some great updates.
There is a new Wardrobe and a color shower in the room.To get into the room you only have to
go to the cafestreet and there you find a teleporter like here:
Click on the teleporter and you will be in the disco lounge
Meet us in the Disco Lounge,tomorrow at 9 Pm Cho time.
The staff team is hosting a fashion contest with prizes !
I will be there and taking photos for you guys :)!

Thanks for reading,see you on the party
Our Journalist Bebot

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