Saturday, April 13, 2013

The News Day 34 !

Heey Chobots,
I decided to post a The News Day post because im really busy and i have many informations.
As you know my MacBook is still not working,so its hard for me to come more then 2 hours online.But my dad gives me the computer everyday now.That means i will be longer here for you :)
Okay lets go to the topic's:
-Game Weekend review
-New Clothes
-April Journalist's

Last weekend we had much fun.The staff team had a great idea.Its time to look how much fun we had.Here are some memories from Yaniv trough the weekend

Friday: We played Hide and Seek !

Saturday: We played Pictionary

Sunday: On the last day we played Hangman !

Thanks Yaniv for these awesome Pictures.
We should have more weekend's like this !

Spring is coming to the town and that means the old winter clothes must get out of the catalog's!!
Its time for a new Spring colection.

Most of them are not to expensiv,there are also Junior clothes :)!
I really love them because we have a rare board from the beta time.

Not only the shop catalog's changed no,the journalist's changed too!
The Moderators did a hard work to find the best Journalist's.
And the winners are:

Congratulation guys,You all got a Journalist Badge,1 week of Citizenship and a feather.
Yes i got the Journalist badge the second time.Im so happy,because i work really hard and im glad that the Staff team love my work.I also want to say thank you to all readers.You are a part of the badge,because i know you all check my post's Thanks :)!
if you get the journalist the second time you have a chance to win the Elite Journalist Badge

The Elite Journalist can post on the main blog ( regularly )
You only need to be a journalist the least 2 months.
So that was it from me and my The News Day post.
Hope to see you around Chobots ;)!
Thanks for reading
Our Journalist Bebot.

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