Saturday, April 6, 2013

Game weekend + Palm painting winners !

Heey Guys,
As already announced the Game Weeekend started.Every Moderator how comes online will play the topic of the day game.That means,The topic of today is Hide and seek ! Tomorrow/later today we will have a new kind of game.So check the main blog to see what kind of game is currently.
Let's go and find all your Staff Members.
Ps: Some staff have the ability to hide by moving them self around, changing their size, changing their visibility, and turning themselves invisible!So check all rooms again.

After a week of painting the street's of Chobots are here the winners of the Palm painting contest.I must say that everyone did a great job and the streets are looking very colorful now!We are ready for the spring:) Congratulation to:

1st Place: Theufo
2nd Place: Destrotant
3rd Place: Sparky40

Congratulation the first place got 5 Days of citizenship,6000 Bugs and the first place Medal,The second place got 4 Days of citizenship,5000 Bugs ad the second place medal.The third place got 3 Days of citizenship,4000 Bugs and third place medal.

If you didn't won this time,don't give up we will have more games in the future !

Thanks for reading my post see you around chobots ;)!
 Our Journalist Bebot.

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