Monday, April 1, 2013

The News Day 33 !

Hello Guys,
I hope you had a great Easter time,after these Holiday's its time to look around for new Updates !
So i decided to write a new The News Day post.Here are the topic's:
-New Citizenship Items
-New $hop items
-April fools Day Party 
Okay we start with the new Citizenship items.
A new Month started and that means new Citizenship is in the town!
This time the Staff Team are very friendly,because you get of every month a bonus.

1 Month: Black and White suit +10000 Bugs+ Playercard
6 Months: Mushroom magic+Hopper +65000 Bugs+Playercard+Chat Bubble
12 Months: Black and Green suit+Flower Magic+150000 Bugs+Mushroom Magic+2 Playercards+2 Chat bubbles
You can buy citizenship by clicking Here
You see the staff team is very generous to you!
But not only the membership changed no,the $hop too.
Few Days ago they made a Voting poll if you want old citizenship items back in the $hop!
Many users voted ''yes'' so they put old citizenship items in.

I think that is a great idea,i love all of these items.
There are new Chat bubbles,clothes and Playercards too.
Check this awesome Items by clicking Here

We left the Easter and St.Patricks Day and comes to a new Topic called
as already announced we will have a Party later today at 7.30 Pm in the Park.
The Mods changed the room for us tonight.
The Park has many grass,light color and a green chopix statue O.o
Its looking cool,like spring time!
Im sure we will have a lot of fun tonight.
See ya there ;)!
Thanks for reading my post,see you around Chobots !
Our Journalist Bebot.

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