Monday, January 2, 2017

Re-opening !

Hey Guys

I hope you started well in the new year 2017 and celebrated christmas with your family and friends. A new year is for many people a new chapter and the posibility to change or to try something new. I also set me some new years resolutions in life and also for chotopia.

2017 is a perfect year to start again playing chotopia and doing this which i really liked doing over years, blogging! I started being active again in chotopia and set me the goal to re-open this amazing blog again and to entertain my readers with new content and the latest news. This year i will focus on our wonderful game named Chotopia. You will see me every day online and posting regular content on this blog aswell. I also planed to re-open my other social media platforms like twitter and facebook.

First of all i will change the whole concept on my blog with a new design and advertisment for the game. Then I will bring back the well-known "The News" which contains all information about the game. I also planed to cooperate with other bloggers with great writing skills. You see many things will change on this blog and I hope you are as interested as I am in this re-opening.

Thanks for all the support and hope to see you in-game.
Your Bebot.

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