Monday, January 9, 2017

January Journalist's and Agent Poll !

Hey Guys

Some of you may noticed it, i've changed the whole design of my blog. I also created a new playlist with cool music and all staff playercards. But that won't be all, there are many new things coming threw this blog, so stay tuned!

Let's start with the main information, which you can read from the title. Yes its official, the new journalists for the month January are out! Many users participated and showed their lovely and creative blog, but as always, there can only be a few winners. I'm happy to announce our new journalists:

Omiguy, check his blog by clicking here

Tacodung, check his blog by clicking here

Agent101, check his blog by clicking here

Congratulation guys, your blogs are amazing, keep up the great work. Im really proud to be a part of the new journalists with my blog.

This doesn't make me better but it shows me, that some of you and also the staff team likes my blog and this encourage me to continue with one of my big passions. I really want to say thank you, to everyone, who supports me out there and reads my blog posts. 

As announced, the staff team held up an agent poll with 8 well known users. The staff team looked over weeks about active and friendly users. Now they came to a decision and im glad to announce those users, who are in the poll:

Now its your turn to vote for the user, who you think should be the next agent. You can only choose one person! If you want to submit, you just have to click here

I wish all participants on the list good luck, for those who aren't on the list, dont be sad, there are going to be more polls in the future. Never give up and believe in it! Its a great honour to be part in the list and to have already 4 votes. Im really thankful for all that you give me and can't wait to see our new agent :)

Thanks for reading, see you in-game
Your Bebot.

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