Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Author: Sylva

Hello everyone! My name is Sylva and recently, I've been hired to work on this wonderful blog of Bebot's so you will be seeing me around here often helping him out. If you don't know me so well, here are some things about me:
  • I've played Chobots ever since 2008 and blogged ever since 2010. Working on over 250+ blogs and successful on my blog for about a year, I decided to step back and find other interests
  • In my free time when I'm not on Chobots, I like to draw, sing, play the piano and hang out with my friends and family
  • My dream job is to sing for a living or become a tattoo artist
  • My favorite colors are maroon and black and my favorite season is Autumn
Hopefully, you learned some new things you don't know about me. If we haven't met in-game though, I sure hope to meet you as well as seeing old faces. If you ever want to see if I'm online, here's my tracker:

See you online,

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