Monday, March 24, 2014

Malicious Software and the forum

Attention to all users! Please read this because this is very important and might've happened to you.
The Chobots staff has received multiple reports regarding a potentially dangerous file or program being shared via Skype. This file or program ends with .exe (run for 50k.exe, CocoaInstall.exe, SHEENIEB PANEL WINX7P.exe, and item hack.exe) and has been found to install malicious content on your computer.

The file or program is said to provide an account with 50,000 bugs once activated or installed on your computer. The staff strongly advise that you do not accept or download this file or program in anyway.

What this file or program really does:

This program provides remote access to the computer it is installed on and can get into your webcam.

The file or program is currently being investigated by our Administrators and Developers. If you have any further information, please provide a report to Let your friends be aware of this situation as soon as possible. If you have accidently downloaded it, please delete/uninstall it as soon as possible. Thank you for your awareness!

Now that I have your attention, I want to make sure you all are aware that the forum has reopened!

The Chobots Forum is a community page where you can discuss with other users about the game and other off-topic stuff. You can participate in contests, earn sweet awards, and even run your own forum blog! User feedback, suggestions, and ideas will be checked frequently on the forum by the Chobots Team. Unfortunately, after a critical error, if you had an account on the old Chobots Forum, you will have to re-register. All data from the old forum was also lost into cyberspace and the developers were unable to retrieve any lost information. The staff apologies for any inconveniences that this might've caused for users.
Check out the forum and register today! Leave any feedback in the feedback section on the forum of what you think once you've gotten around it!
Have a marvelous Monday,

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