Thursday, March 20, 2014

Agent guide

Hey friends! So many people wanted me to post a guide on agency because they would have trouble on understanding what it takes to become an agent and the responsibilities that come with it. This is just from my experience and opinion on how I've earned agency (from all multiple times).

So agency is taken seriously by staff. You cannot expect to earn agency in two seconds. It takes time and effort. This guide will explain what an agent is, the perks for agency and ways to become one.
What is an agent?
An agent is a trustworthy player who keeps the game safe as well as moderators. Agents are allowed to play games and have fun; however they should be a role model to Chobots and help frequently.
Perks for agency
To thank agents for their help in Chobots, the team have decided to give them special perks that only they can have. Such as:
- Agents' HQ
- Special clothes and blue chat to be recognized
- A cool agent's badge on their playercard
- An easier way to message moderators
- The ability to warn users
How can I become an agent?
Becoming an agent is not easy. You must be experienced and be online on a regular basis, if you log on and be helpful regularly people are bound to notice you. You must follow the Chobots Rules at all times and be a role model to Chobots.
You should try and advertise the game by:
- Telling friends
- Opening a Chobots related blog
- Chobots
- YouTube videos  Facebook, Twitter etc.
Advertising the game will attract new players and you will not only be noticed by regular players but also Agents and Moderators. However, ask for parents’ permission before opening blogs and YouTube accounts, etc.
Another thing that is very important is to be yourself! The staff would want someone trustworthy and themselves because we love you just the way you are! You don't need to hide or pretend to be any better because everyone's special and unique. Don't forget- never give up. Always stick to your goal and work hard for it.

What if an agent acts badly?
Don't think you're off the hook when you've achieved the goal of agency. If you start to slack off, thinking the job is done and you only did it for the perks, the rank will be taken away from you for inactivity. Agents not acting nice or helpful will be taken seriously as well. It could result the agent losing their badge or a severe warning from a moderator.  Also, abusing the ‘warn’ button can also result in an agent losing his/her badge.
Hopefully, many of you find this information helpful. Leave a comment below on your thoughts. Best of luck to anyone striving for the rank!


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