Monday, April 11, 2016

The News #4

Hey Guys

Im back after a break of holiday. I went on holiday with my family so I decided to enjoy my vacation and i didnt took my computer with me and thats why i werent active in chotopia and on this Blog. I want to excuse me but I decided it to have some fun with my parents and friends. But now im back 24/7 as always and i bring you the latest informations round about Chotopia.

Some of you did'nt noticed it, but our elite Agent Wolf opened a Chotopia related Instagram Profile. 

He started some days ago and he needs your support to grow up, so why don't you give him a shoutout ? The pictures are great and I think thats just one of the best way, to get more people register on our free virtual game So if you want to check his Instagram Profile out, just click here , dont forget to follow the page if you like it!

As Second topic, I have some great news for the artists and poets among us. The Staff team just decided to open a April Peotry Contest. Have you know, that the month April is the month of poets, so what's better then writing a poem? Grab your pen and dense in front of you and put it into this template, to have a chance to win some sweet prizes.

Don't forget, that your poem has to be Chotopia related with the topic "Springtime on Chotopia". Put your entry in the comments below the official blog post by clicking here . You have time until April 15th to enter your entry under the Blog post. Please don't copy things from other entries or you will be disqualified from the contest ! I can't wait to see all the great poets and I wish you good luck and may the force of peotry be with you :D

That was it from today, I hope you liked it and i wanted to thank you again for this great support and the kind messages you write me in game. I see you really like "The News", which means a lot for me !

Thanks for reading, see you in-game
Your Bebot.

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