Thursday, September 24, 2015

My opinion !

Heey Guys,

Memory of my Chobot on .net
I'm not really sure if there is somebody outside there, who read this post now but I went back on my Blog to remember all the great time i spend on! It's been a while since i've posted something in here, but i thought it's time to post something in here. I got older now and i started doing other things then playing computer games but i really have to say, that I miss those old days :/ .After .net shut down, I started playing chouniverse but I saw that this Chobots is not as good as the Chobots before. I played it for a long time but then this shut down as well and i stoped playing cho until now! There were some days I missed the funny evenings or weekends with my Chobots friends and I think you miss them aswell! I went on my Computer where I coincidentally saw a new Chobots called "". Its not new I know but as I said i havent play Chobots for a while and i really appreciate it, to see the old chobots back again. But I soon noticed that there werent any users online. My opinion is that there will not be a Chobots again as we had .com, .de or .net. I think its finally time to give Chobots up. Thats just my opinion and i really wanted to post something back here so if you are still reading this Blog, please leave a comment, I will check it all days until I close it.

Thanks for reading,Our bebot

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