Monday, August 11, 2014

New Items!

Hey lovely chos!
So today I thought I'd show you guys some of the AWESOME new items that were added to the Shop! First of all, I just thought I'd tell you guys, I absolutely love the new items! Some of them were oldies from .net and .com, and others are completely new! Here are a couple screenshots I took of a few of the items! I'm 99.9% sure these ARE NOT the only new items on Chobots Universe.

Ducky Ring, 4000 bugs.

Memes Mask, 2500 bugs.

Japanese Flag, 1000 bugs.

Mexican Flag, 2000 bugs.

Pyteradactal Board, 9500 bugs.

Pizza Board, 3000 bugs.

And to follow that, there's the CD board for 4000 bugs.
Thanks for tuning in!

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