Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Drawing Contest Winners!

Hey lovely chos!
As you may know Summer is beginning to slowly fade, as the transition into Autumn begins to become nearer and nearer. So, to kick off this amazing summer Kevin decided to host a Summer themed drawing contest! Here are the winners:

Prodigy -

I love the way this picture pops with so much color! It definitely has excitement and, as you can tell, has a lot of skill! Also, I completely like the beach theme! :D

Moving on we have
Bido -

Bido's picture, in my opinion, give me the image of a nice, peaceful, laid - back kind of summer! I love how this picture developed that mood C: Also, I love the touch of detail on the hammock and, of course, the coconut trees! ;D

Lastly we have
Neon20 -

I like this picture because I feel it's more relatable for children! I mean, c'mon - what was better than ice cream and building sandcastles at the beach as a kid? ;D Also, I love how he added the touch of the new item on Chouniverse - the ducky ring! :))

All three of them were rewarded with 70 shards, a paintbrush, and 7,000 bugs.
The people that already had a paintbrush had a basia rewarded to them instead!

Until next time,

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