Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Welcome to Chobots universe !

Heey guys,
After chobots.net shut down i decided to play chobots universe,the owners are some good friends of me and im sure of you too.The owner of the games are Kai and Kingkevin,both were an agent on chobots.net and were the best users i knew.They were always friendly and helpful so im sure they re runing the new chobots like the old.For chobots universe they put some new features in it like the bonus when you sings up in the first two days:

  • 15 Days of free citizenship
  • 10'000 Bugs
  • One free item from the in-game shop
  • a huge party,that will last up to 2 hours
So you see you better should sing up when the game opens.They started the interviews for some staff members.So if you applied as a staff member,please be patient,they have a lot of work and must go throw all the applys.If they are interested in you they are conacting you on skype or write you an email.They also have an amaing facebook page,you can like them by clicking here
When the game is up i will post in here so you can dirrectly sign up :)The staff members and beta testers can start playing chobots universe the next week if everything goes right,the public users can sign up in 2 weeks.I wish you good luck and cant wait to see you all in chobots universe.

Thanks for reading,see you there
Our Bebot.

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