Sunday, April 27, 2014

Short News !

Heey chobots,
I have some short news for you about chobots universe.Kai and Kevin uploaded an interesting picture on facebook and it seems the game is working!

At the moment the staff team are able to visit the chobots world.But there are some bugs,but they are working on it.Kai also said,the beta users are able to visit the game next week if there aren'tany problems and in 2 weeks the game should be open for the public users.I cant wait to join this wonderful game im sure you cant wait neither.
At this point i want to say thank you to all my readers,my blog just reached 10'001 views :o thats wonderful thanks my dear readers :)!

Ps:Im also going to interview Kevin later today about chobots universe and will post the answer from the owner of chobots universe here on my Blog so stay tuned !

I keep you up to date when its open !
Thanks for reading,Our Bebot.

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