Sunday, February 16, 2014

what you can do if you are bored!

Heey chobots,
Are you bored because chobot is in maintenace ?So if you are you better should read this pot,because i give you some tipps,how you can do things with out playing chobots.
You can read some interesting post from our Journalist's on the blogroll.They often post funny and interesting things.
You can draw and let your creativity out,don't forget if you draw something about chobots you have a better chance to win a paintbrush as other drawings.If you have done your drawings,you can send it to is the email to send your drawings :
You can chat with your online chobots friends on online websites like twitter,facebook,kik,whatsapp or other websites
If you have a blog,you can work on a new header,template or banner.

So here are some little tipps,how you can have fun without playing chobots.I hope i helped you.But i need to say that i really miss chobots and cant wait to play chobots again:)

Thanks for reading,hope to see you soon;)
Our Bebot.

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