Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cultural Week Decorations !

Hey lovely readers! If you've been on Chobots lately, you might have noticed some of the locations looking slightly different. That is because this week is Cultural Week! Almost all of the locations on Chobots have been decorated with different countries in mind. Check out all of the decorations: 

Cafe street is decorated with all of the decorations from 
the other locations 

Space Port Square is decorated like India 

Shop Square is decorated like Paris 

Eco Street is decorated like London 

The Park is decorated like Japan

Academy Street is decorated like Italy

Rockemall Street is decorated like Mexico 

Rope Street is also decorated, however, I was unable to get a picture as it is currently glitched for me. Overall, these decorations are amazing! I love all of the small details, and it's really fun exploring all of the locations just to admire the decorations. Which room is your favorite? My favorite room is definitely Eco Street with the London decorations! 

Have a nice week, 

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