Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The News Day 58 !

Heey chobots!
As already announced im really busy this week,im sorry that i posting so late but i didn't found any time to play.But now i found some time for you and im going to show you the latest news round about chobots.Here are the theme of this post:

Comic Contest
Cow mission contest results

Autumn is coming closer,the trees are going to change their colour and the leaves are falling,its Autumn time!Im sure many of you love to create some comic's.This time you need to do a comic with the theme what you plan to do in autumn !You have until Friday 13th september!the most creative comic's will win cool prizes.Good luck.Use this template for a comic entry:

A while ago we started the new month september,the chobots team searched cool items for the new citizenship items.Im happy to announce that they found amazing items for the membership
This month we have amazing wings with cool swords!
With every membership month you will be able to trade with your friends!
If you are interested to buy a membership you need to click here

Few days ago the staff team hosted a farming contest!
Daisy is very happy and want to thank you to everyone who participated on the contest.
Now lets look at the best 3:

Congratulation to: Billybubble,stargurl and Harrythe best!

Billybubble got:10000 Bugs,7Days of citizenship,first place medal and a daisy background
Stargurl got:7000 Bugs,5 Days of citizenship,second palce medal and a daisy background
Harrythebest got: 5000 Bugs,3Days of citizenship,third palce medal and a daisy background

Well done,enjoy your prizes.For all other who didn't won this time there are going to be more contest like these in the future!

That was it from me for today,thanks for reading see you on chobots
Our Bebot.

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