Sunday, September 15, 2013

Doodle Day + Comic contest winners !

heey chobots
In the button called ''news'' its writen,that on the 15th september it would be a Doodle Day!
Its the first time that we have one and if it goes well,we are going to have many more in the the explain:
-We are going to meet us in the artist underground and prepares for a doodle competation beetwen staff team and artist!
-the wall will be seperated into 2 halves.One for the staff team the other for the artists
-A staff team will choose a topic to will be limited with time!
-After the time is out the users in the room will decide who won!

Join us tonight at 8pm cho-time in the artist underground!
Im sure we are going to have a lot of fun.

The autumn started,the comic showed us all the great year season.After many cool entries the chobots team took 3 winners:

Congratulation,all of you did a great job.All three won 5000 bugs,7 days of citizenship and a comic hand item.If you didn't won this time there are going to be more contest like this in the future ;)

Thanks for reading see you in the artist uderground!
Our Bebot.

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