Sunday, November 24, 2013

Space racing winners !

Heey chobots,
Also the last contest from this weekend ended today and im glad to announce the winners.Lets take a look at the scoreboards:

On the first palce we have Newy82 with 63.01 points,he receive 14 Days of citizenship 5000 Bugs and a red cholympic medal
On the second place we have godlight with 45,82 points,she receive  10 Days of citizenship,4000 Bugs and a green cholympic medal
On the third place we have blusche with 41,81 points,he receive 7 Days of citizenship,3000 Bugs and a blue cholympic medal.

Congratulation you did a great job,enjoy your prizes!if you didn't won this time don't be sad we are going to have more contest like this in the future ;)!
Thanks for reading,have a nice sunday!
Our Journalist Bebot.

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