Sunday, January 6, 2013

The News Day 24!

Because the New Year 2013 Started i make a big The News Day Edition!
I prepared some cool themes for you:)

For those who hasn't Facebook,i will show you some cool Updates.
You know that Chobots Joined the Facebook Page!
Because Christmas and Holidays came to the end Chobots has made a new Header and new a new Profile photo!

Nice Right ??
3 or 4 days ago you voted for our new City names

So we have 3 new City names Firework,Atlantis and Metropolis :)!
Yesterday i wanted to put my Chlos Boddy on and i saw this great Update!
If you click the 'Premium Items'
Then you are on the plate of all your $hop Items check:
Here on the picture you see that i have a Chlos boddy and a rainbow chat :)
Before this Special 2013 The News Day edition Cames to the end i show you 1 Awsome Picture.
This Picture is one of the best way to show you how good friends Lakshay and me are!
Thanks lakshay for this awsome time with you and i hope it continues like this :)!
Thanks for reading my Post and be attend later i will show you some cool Chobots styles!!

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