Sunday, May 27, 2012

Updates :)

Hi Chobots!

There are a few updates recently by our developers. Before anything else, I would like you to clear your cache to see these updates at the game.

After logging in, you will see this message from the developers. Make sure to enter your e-mail!

Another update is that you can now lock your account! This purposely done for users who are going away from the keyboard. Just lock your account by clicking the 'Menu' button on the bottom left on the screen.

If you locked your account, you can go A.F.K. without having trouble logging out, or being disconnected after 30 minutes. If you also want to be B.R.B. and don't want anyone to say bad things or maybe delete your clothes, you can pres lock.

Once pressed, you can go away from the keyboard! Remember, if you are back and ready to play, just enter your password to verify it is really you.

Another update is the map! Open your map, and see that there is already a construction site! I guess this is to be ready for the upcoming event on the 31st.


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