Tuesday, April 3, 2012

100 blogs!

Wooo hooo! Today Program made history Smile I have reached my goal mark, 100 blogs! Big Grin Our last person to let me be an author on their blog is Vilt! Also congratulations vilt on designer badge! Big Grin My new goal is to now earn a J-Badge and still my old goal, to become an agent Wink. A J-Badge stands for journalism. You think I can do it? Dave came on and gave some helpful tips to start, which I am already ahead of!

1. Post on your own blog!
2. Follow and comment on other people's blogs
3. Be active on chobots and forum

Those are some beginning tips! Good luck to those trying to get it too! Here is a little picture of my blogger with some of the blogs that I am helping to manage Wink 

Thanks for all your support!

Best wishes,

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