Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hai Friends!!
I'm tammii on .net :)
You don't know me?
Well here are a few informations:
I'm in form 7, I'm 13 years old, I'm blond & I love pink xD oh yea, and my real name is Tamara (:
Thats me:
I was a little bit famous on .de, and yup, I'm german but I can speak really good english, 'cause I have it in school over 3 years, together with french :D
A year ago I made a facebook account just for chobots, it's Tammy Chobots (:
I worked very long on .de for an agent badge and finally I got it.. :)
But three months have gone and now chobots is closed...
So I was one of the last agents on .de and couldn't ever say ,,welcome to the team :)" :(
That was me on .de:
Awwwhh... how I miss it... o:
Okay my best friend is jasmingirl, I know her form .de
She was an agent too and you saw us just together ;)
No one can separate us >:D
I love you jasmin :*
Of course, her name on .net is jasmingirl too (:

That was it for today :)
Stay safe!!

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