Sunday, April 26, 2020

6th Chotopia Birthday Recap!

Hey Chotopian's

Wow what a legendary day it was am I right? I can't put it in words how happy I am after this Chotopia Birthday event. Im not here to talk about my emotions of course, so let's see what we did the whole day on our game, which teurned 6 years this month.

The Chotopia Birthday event was announced a long time ago. Many rumours went around Chotopia, how it will take place but the this week we got the official schedule. The Event started on time today, the 26th of April at 10am Cho-time. The whole event took place at differents spots and lasted for over incredible 6 hours! The whole day was divided in mini events, which each lasted for 30 minutes.

First we met at the shop square to start with a well known party called "Age 0". Player dressed up like the first day the joined Chotopia and we had music, magic and rain. Here some impressions:

The party was really cool and the staff team rained the first birthday items, which were designed especially for this event. After this we moved to the underground, were our agent realm hosted a high demanded hangman.

This shouldnt be the last agent event on our birthday event. After you warmed up by guessing words, we moved over to the academy street and gamezone, to play some of our popular mini games. As im a big fan of sliders, I couldnt miss this event.

After these intense games, we needed some fresh drinks and cool rain to calm down. And there we came to our second party, this time the theme was "Blast from the past". The users dressed up once more and we had amazing magic effects, music and lots of rain.

The party took place at the old cafestreet and was insane! After the party it was time to battle each other again. Thats why we moved to the garbage collector, where the boards were open for another 30 mins.

After we all played against each other it was time to involve our agents once more. This time it was bacachoo's turn, he held a Chotopia related Quiz at the Park! The answers were really interesting some times.

As we already were at the park, the sweetbattle contest opened for 30 minutes after the quiz came to an end. After the multiplayer contest, it was time for another party! Yes already our third party. We all got flushed to the old academy were we had the theme "Blue and Purple".

All parties are cool but this one was special to me. The activity was insane and the location fit perfectly. After the party we moved over to the mission agency, were we played for another 30 minutes Nichos and Cow mission. I have never seen so many farmers before and we all had so much fun. This was our last mini game before we had our last agent event. This time it was Megs turn, she hosted a Fashion show at her house.

Everyone was in a good mood and was ready for our last but huge event for today. We had our last and 4th party. This time we went to the time zone room were we held our Chotopia Birthday party! We had a huge wave of items rain, magic and music. 

This was our crowning conclusion and made our 6th anniversary just a huge success. Im sure all of you enjoyed it as I did. This day will stay in our memories for a long long time. Thanks to everyone who helped out and participated, to make this day unforgettable!

Thanks for reading, hope to see you ingame.
Your Bebot.

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