Thursday, August 11, 2016

A New Chapter!

Hey Guys

Yes your right, im back on chotopia. I had some troubles with my internet for a couple of weeks now. But its all working again and that means its time to rejoin chotopia aswell. This little break allowed me, to rethink about some stuff and also for my personal life. I really enjoyed my vacation with my friends and family. But i also have to say, that i missed chotopia a few days ago so im really happy, that everything runs clearly again. 

Some of you may know, that i've got de-agent. It hurts of course but i understand the decision of the staff team. They want an active and motivated community and for that it needs active and helpful agents. Many of you may know, that i really took my job as an agent serious and i was proud to have the badge. The Agent badge doesn't give you hapiness but it gives you a reward for the hard work. I don't want to say, that i was a better guy with the badge, i always stayed the same as i was before and now. 

I noticed, that at the end i haven't done a great job. I've always promissed to myself, that i stay active all the time and only do the best for the game and the community. It's really my fault, why i got de-agent and also lost some important contacts in-game. But there's always a glimmer of hope  outside, which waits of you. With that i want to say never give up and do the things which you like to do. I see this as a second chance for me to come back into the game and do some things better as i did before.

I dont need pity, i just want to give you something on your personal life. I know it hasn't to do with any news around chotopia but i really wanted to post that on my blog and perhaps i can  bring some users a smile in their face.

Thanks for those who red it until the end! I will be online everyday now, like i was before and more posts are also coming on this blog. 

Hope to see you in-game.
Your Bebot.

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