Sunday, September 23, 2012


welcome to a new post :)
idk if you see it but in the eco shop we have new items ( masks )

Nice not ?
i think its for the animal party today at 14:00 Cho time!
don't miss it ;)
the citizen's has a new update its called citizen shortcuts look:

a great idea thanks now the F3 and F4 aren't working :/ but we have the shortcuts :D
And did you know that lauren ( the agent ) got de-agent look :(
hmmm :((
But now look at this picture what can you see ??
yes right its a user called domoshirt and he have a domoshirt with 0 age but look at the playercard he have a b boy shirt whats that ?? Fail ??
yesterday i made a new music video its called Chobots Infinity here is the youtube link :
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So hope you liked it and have now more information :)
see you soon!

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